Courage to Stand

When I speak with God my Father
Weíre never closer than when Iím on my knees in prayer.
In the stillness of that precious moment,
In the quiet, I feel his presence there.
He is to me, hope and courage to endure.
He rescues me when Iíve drifted too far from shore.
When all seems lost and so undone,
I reach to God, and to his Son
And they lift me up, and give me courage to stand.


Iím standing tall, when Iím on my knees.
Iím standing tall, humbled at his feet.
He reaches way down and takes hold of my hand
When Iím on my knees, he gives me courage to stand.

I am strongest at my weakest moment,
I am strengthened in my darkest hour.
He carries me throughout troubled water,
So I wonít drown in a sea of fear and doubt.
Leaning on the rock of my salvation,
Iím lifted high by his almighty power.
And if I stumble, if I fall beneath the weight of lifeís demands
He lifts me up, and gives me courage to stand.

Repeat Chorus:

When Iím on my knees, he gives me courage to stand.

Words & Music By: Elizabeth Shepherd
Date: August 21, 2001
© SOCAN August 2006.