Blessed Are the Ones

Good news was threading throughout all the land
Of amazing miracles, from the touch of His hand
And now the lame can walk, and the blind can see
“His name is Jesus, come and see!”

And so the crowds, they soon gathered in great numbers by a hillside
They hoped to see Jesus, the Prophet,
The man of whom they’d heard.
And as they gathered round, they all sat down,
And He began to teach them with these words….


He said…
Blessed are the poor in spirit
Blessed are those who mourn
And to the meek and pure of heart,
The Kingdom will be their reward.
Blessed, Blessed are the ones.

When your lost and filled with helplessness
You must trust in the Lord
Have sorrow deep within your hearts
For the sins of the World
His message was unlike what men had heard before
He said, “Rejoice and be glad, for great is your reward
In heaven….

Repeat Chorus

…Blessed, Blessed are the ones.
…Blessed, Blessed are the ones.

Composed by: Elizabeth Shepherd
Date: January 24, 2001
© SOCAN August 2006.