The Cry

The world stood still …

In that place thousands of years ago

What lay in store … that night, they did not know.

Then rang the sound …

The voice that once was silent pierced the night and filled the air

And it echoed through the darkness, I am with you … I am Here!

And it came with the cry, Listen to the cry


After a thousand years of silence,

God’s voice echoes through the night

Behold the Child ... of David’s line!

It was foretold, now heav’n proclaims the Saviour of mankind

Do you hear His cry?

God speaks through His cry.

In a stable darkRejected at the Inn that day

So in a humble lowly manger lay our God, in flesh alive!

They could not know … This helpless babe that Mary bore,

Redeeming Saviour of the world

Would rule in pow’r Forevermore … Our Lord!

Hear Him cry ... listen to His cry

Repeat chorus ...

Oh, hear His cry, listen hear his cry

Repeat chorus ...

His cry … Listen to the newborn King, listen … to the cry

The cry … The cry.

Words and music by Elizabeth Deveau; written August 8, 2007.