For This I Thank You

Have I thanked you yet today ... for you loving me this way

I need to take this time to say ... for this I thank You.

In evíry storm may I be still to know your good and perfect will

May my prayers not cease until Ö for this, I thank You.

For all the sunshine and the rain, for both the laughter and the pain

For each rainbow that appears, for when youíve wiped away my tears

Each time my blue skies turn to grey, it is your Son that lights my way

In adoration and in praise, for this, I thank You.


Thank you for the blessings that you pour out every day

Youíre always there beside me as I grow and find my way.

(And) I may stumble I may fall, but you always raise me up

And the gratitude for all You do, can never be enough.

For each new day in store for me, for what has been and come to be

You are the reason, this I know, itís why I praise and love you so

And when my time on earth is through, I will come home to be with You

And all things will be made new, for this, I thank You.

Repeat chorus ...


For evíry Nation, evíry tribe, for all diversity in life

For each victíry in the fight by which willing hearts unite

For souls driven with desire, for the many other they inspire

It is through you they are empowíred, through you, my Lord

Repeat chorus ...

For this I thank You Ö Yes Lord, I thank You Ö

For this I thank You Ö My Lord, I thank You.

Words and music by Elizabeth Deveau; written July 19, 2008.