Love Them All

He’s the neighbour on your street

A seeming heartless, rude old man

Who’s bitterness and anger
you’ve not sought to understand;

And each time you pass him by
you fail to look him in the eye;

For it’s easier to glance away

Than to chance a friendly word to say

She’s the misfit at your school

Rejected soul who’s lost her way

For months you’ve sat beside her,
and you don’t even know her name.

And when your friends all mock and scorn

Your knowing heart and mind are torn;

For what you do to the least of these

Jesus said, “my child … you do to me”


You were called to love them all

Extend His mercy and His grace

Be a light, be Jesus’ face.

You were called to love them all

Hear the commanding words of Jesus,

Love them all.

He’s a dishevelled, homeless beggar

Who’s telling eyes portrait his pain

Still you criticize his circumstance

Condemn in thoughts and words of blame.

And there’s that colleague in the boardroom,

Who’s careless words have cut you down.

Though he’s made you feel just like a fool

In your heart, you know what you must do.

Repeat chorus twice ...

Words and music by Elizabeth Deveau; written January 26, 2008