Unleash Me

Why do you doubt me?What do you fear?

Why to you quench me, when you know that Iím here?

Why do you hide me, when my power is clear,

And the truth of His word rings loud in your ear?

Oh, what do you wait for? Youíve so much to do

Through the gift of my power thatís been given to you.

You can know that itís real, you can know that itís true

For my spirit of fire is burning in you.


Unleash me, free my spirit that resides in you

Release me.

For I am Holy, I am true,

I am the councillor, I am the one
that was promised by the Son

May my power be revealed

Let the wounded and sick say I am healed!

Unleash me Ö Oh, Release me Ö set my spirit free

I will pour out my Spirit on all mankind

Your sons and your daughters will prophesy

And your old men will dream,
and your young men will see

Visions of truth, and what is to be.

Repeat chorus ...

Unleash me Ö Oh, Release me Ö set my spirit free

Oh, Unleash me Ö Release me ... set my spirit free

Words and music by Elizabeth Deveau; written June 20, 2009.