The day when all Godís people forget their differences

And stand united come what may

Is a day when Satan trembles

And his forces who divide us, will be afraid!


This is my hope, this is my dream

This is Christís church as it should be

A vision of love and unity.

Letís stretch out our arms in warm embrace

Extending Godís mercy, love and grace

A fortress of strength for all to see.

Weíre all Godís people, despite our differences

To inherit his great kingdom from above

Every woman, child and man in perfect harmony

For this is how weíre called to be, to liveÖto love!

Repeat chorus ...


Cast away differences far from sight

Let each heart for the Lord forever unite!

Bind us together unbroken and strong

In one church, one love, one voice, one song!

Repeat chorus twice ...

Let them see Unity

Lord, let there be Unity

For God calls for Unity.

So, Lord, let there be Unity.

Words and music by Elizabeth Deveau; written September 14, 2008.